Friday, 26.07.19 | Event

Modular training introduced for workers’ organizations to adapt in a changing socio-economic environment

Workers’ organizations need to keep pace with the changing work environment. They need to broaden their horizon and evolve strategies to counter the emerging challenges at the workplace.


Wednesday, 24.07.19 | Event

End violence and harassment at the workplace says ILO in its centenary year

“Every individual has the right to work and earn a living with dignity. Governments and Employers around the world need to ensure and commit to providing a conducive environment at work free from any form of violence and...


Monday, 10.06.19 - New Delhi | Event

Workers strive for work life dignity through fulfillment of decent work agenda

Decent work is what the workers’ organisations are striving for globally. The everyday struggle of an individual worker is about getting gainfully employed, freedom to exercise rights at the workplace, enjoy social protection and...


Thursday, 06.06.19 | Event

Changing Business Practices: Going the ethical way

Business ethics have been in use since the days of Aristotle. The famous Greek philosopher had written about fair play, justice, equality of trades, greed and other themes, which continue to remain relevant within the business...


| Event

Call-to-Apply - Designing for Socio-Ecological Transformation – Workshop Series Part 2

How can we best achieve a sustainable model for living? This question will be tackled by 25 designers and changemakers from across India, in the second series of the workshop supported by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) India...


| Event

Practical Guide to Design Thinking : A collection of Methods to rethink Social Change

The use of creative concepts and innovative methods, often referred to as Design Thinking, was for a long time a niche practice for nerdy innovators, or designers. Overtime it has evolved into an approach applied by professionals...


Wednesday, 27.02.19 to Friday, 01.03.19 - Goa | Event

Labour Partners of FES India are committed to constructive change

“Integrating a 500 million workforce, majority of whom have low levels of literacy and skills, into modern and digitalized businesses creates a complex socio-economic mélange, which needs to be addressed soon” (Johann Ivanov,...


Wednesday, 31.10.18 to Thursday, 01.11.18 - New Delhi | Event

Global Jobs Crisis Conference: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities

„We have failed to address the real needs of the people, to create jobs and proper infrastructure in our rural areas. Big Business are growing, but community centers closing. This is a toxic combination.“ (Quote by Patrick...


Friday, 27.07.18 to Sunday, 30.09.18 - New Delhi | Event

Building responsibly to facilitate Socio-Ecological Transformation

Designers, planners and architects need to consciously create built and unbuilt spaces which provide harmonious co-existence of all living beings, in a sustainable manner.


Monday, 27.08.18 - New Delhi | Event

Crisis in the Agrarian Sector and its Impact on India's Economy and Politics

"There is a crisis in the agrarian sector is not only economic but also social that has effected individuals, new age farmers and climate change. To improve the conditions there should be more control on farmers’ value chain."


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