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Unseen Shadows - Migration and the barren lives of Changar

Migration of men for work is a universal phenomenon, and the issues arising out of this are common knowledge. What is less known are the severe financial, physical and social hardships faced by the women and families of migrant workers.

Photo: FES India

Photo: FES India

The men migrate for work, for better opportunities, and face lot of challenges as migrant workers. Alongside, the families who are left behind, specially the women, undergo severe financial, physical and social hardships.

FES Themenportal on “Flucht, Migration, Integration” provides a platform to create an understanding on the circumstances that trigger migration by capturing lived experience of migrants and their families. Through the project, FES has collected stories from different countries. The unheard stories of women of Changar region (Himachal Pradesh, India), captured in a documentary titled “Unseen Shadows” produced by FES India office, is part of this project.

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