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Strategising for Mumbai's Urban Transformation using the Power of Narrative

Civilisations, and consequently urban areas, are found in close proximity to rivers or water bodies. As living entities, we worship them for giving us life and livelihood. However, today, our urban water bodies have turned into sewers and dumping yards, dying in the process of carrying our waste.

Photo: FES

Photo: Water Environs (from a previously held awareness campaign)

Several formal and informal collectives of highly motivated individuals and organisations have painstakingly worked together in pursuit of changing the state of our rivers and lakes, thereby contributing to the larger narrative of harmonious coexistence of people and nature. And they have had successes in terms of generating interest amongst commoners, and catching the attention of policy makers. This is not enough surely, as the situation is deteriorating by the day.  


Time has come to take this discussion out to stakeholders other than those who care about "rivers are our mothers" and "jal hi jeevan hai" (water is life). The time has come to turn around the narrative - and situate water in the larger context of changing urban paradigm, ensuring climate resilient cities, creating value for our natural resources without which our urban areas will become economically unsustainable. 


Water Environs, KRVIA and FES India, along with a committed group of urbanists, ecologists, environmentalists, journalists and concerned citizens is working towards such a narrative, to ascertain that the direction of urbanisation in India is green, smart and inclusive, not only for humans, but for other living species as well.


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