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Future of Work and its Impact on Politics and Economy: Looking ahead to 2021

“While the threat of jobless growth looms large over the future, its impact will be felt with varying degrees across sectors and industries. Protectionism, identity politics, populism, coupled with advancing technology and automation could have adverse consequences on India’s socio-economic transformation. Skilling and quality education, and generally speaking, investment in human capital are key.”

Photo: FES

Photo: FES

Photo: FES

FES is bringing together a range of different stakeholders to understand the interaction between technological advances and the emerging digital revolution and employment. Jobless growth could pose social and political challenges and solutions need to be sought to shape India’s socio-economic transformation as millions enter the job market each year in a rapidly changing environment. Is the manufacturing growth led model still an option for India? Where will the jobs of tomorrow be created? What role do institutions and policy makers play in the here and now? How will it impact different social groups in the country?

Around 20 experts and practitioners from various sectors representing media, real estate, industry, academia, online job portal, telecom, think tanks, MSME, NITI Aayog etc. gathered together in Tijara On May 6, 2018, at Tijara. The discussion was co-organised by FES India and Hardnews Magazine


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