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CEDAW for Advancement of Women's Rights and Equality

CEDAW or the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women provides a universal standard for women's human rights.

Bonding over.... tea! (L to R Sarojini, Suneeta Dhar and Roshmi Goswami)

Release of Hindi translation of FES publication Political Feminism in India -Country Study

Engaging meet - Syeeda Hameed with Ruth Manorama

As we all know the CEDAW foregrounds the social and cultural underpinnings from which sex based discrimination arises. It addresses discrimination in areas such as education, employment, marriage and family relations, health care, politics, finance and law. 


India has to report to the CEDAW Committee on its implementation of the recommendation of the previous report i.e., the 4th & 5th periodic report and initiate the process of planning to write the next report. 


An esteemed group of experts, stalwarts of women’s movement in India, came together to prepare these reports, at a National Consultation "Facilitating the Fulfillment of State Obligation under CEDAW Convention, Follow up of 2014 Recommendations and preparation for the next Periodic Report for Advancement of Women's Rights and Equality". The consultation was organised by NAWO (National Alliance of Women) in collaboration with FES.


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FES took the opportunity to release the hindi translation of its exclusive publication “Political Feminism in India. 

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